Organic Golden Jojoba Oil

A 100% organic oil

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Product Organic Golden Jojoba Oil
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Overview A 100% organic oil
Size 30ml
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Jojoba Seed Oil (100%)

Organic Golden Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Tree grown in the deserts of Israel
Golden drop of light for skin desertification
#Mountains of Israel #Organic #100% Jojoba Oil
#Skin Strengthening Oil #Oil for the Whole Family
#All Seasons MUST-HAVE Item
#Unrefined #Cold Press Extraction
#Mountains of Israel #Organic
#100% Jojoba Oil #Skin Strengthening Oil
#Oil for the Whole Family
#All Seasons MUST-HAVE Item
#Unrefined #Cold Press Extraction

Solution to Skin Desertification
Add a golden drop of light
from the tenacious Jojoba to your skin!

Provide thorough care for skin as dry as the desert, starting from the skin’s surface

The thin protective layer that covers the epidermal layer, the outer most layer of the skin,
protects the skin by blocking external aggressors from penetrating through the skin.

When the surface of the skin is damaged, the skin loses nutrients and harmful irritants penetrate
through the space causing skin troubles such as aging, dryness, atopy, and redness.

If the surface is appropriately cared for, however, the moisture and nutrients in the skin
are protected, keeping the skin healthy.

So why use botanical oils?

Petroleum-based mineral oils remain on the surface of the skin and block the skin from breathing.
On the other hand, 100% botanical oils do not block the pores and are easily absorbed into the skin
to supplying nutrients and firming the skin. In particular, Jojoba Oil is the same as the sebum structure
of the human body and has excellent absorptivity. Mixing a drop of oil with cream helps
with faster and deeper absorption and provides longer-lasting effects.

The stem of life that flows in the barren deserts of Israel

We plant jojoba trees to stop desertification.
Israel is famous for its Jojoba Oil. The jojoba tree, which grows in the deserts of Israel, has overcome dry climates and barren environments, and among other numerous countries of origin, Israel’s Jojoba trees produce the most premium Jojoba Oil.
From jojoba farms located in the middle of the desert, jojoba trees can endure temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius and is a tenacious plant that finds moisture deep in the ground, spreading its roots over 13 feet.
The oil of Jojoba Trees, planted to prevent desertification! Experience the tenacious golden energy on skin that is as dry as the desert.

Golden effects of 100% single ingredient

We’ve included the nutrients directly harvested from Israeli jojoba trees.
Experience the golden light health of nature itself!

100% Pure Organic Jojoba Oil
The Organic Golden Jojoba Oil is 100% pure jojoba oil
that has not been mixed or diluted with other ingredients.
It is made with seeds from jojoba tree fruits grown in the dry and barren Negev desert of Israel. The Golden Organic Jojoba Oil does not contain silicon, artificial coloring, or artificial fragrances, and can be used
on all skin types as it protects weak skin and blocks moisture loss.
Unrefined and Cold-Pressed
AROMATICA’s 100% Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, which is not decolorized or deodorized during the refining process, minimizes the destruction of nutrients such as chlorophyll or tocopherol and has the golden color characteristic of jojoba.
In addition, it is extracted with a cold press to minimize the loss of nutrients. Using a cold-press extraction method, active ingredients are extracted from natural raw materials with pure physical pressure and without the application of high-temperature heat.
Carrier Oil, the Friendly Messenger
Improves the skin’s health by delivering nutrients
in between the small gaps of the skin with a carrier oil,
which delivers nutrients into the skin.

100% Pure Organic Jojoba Oil
Made Without Additives

The Negev region in Israel is an optimal environment for growing jojoba
while being a place from which jojoba oil of the greatest quality can be extracted.
AROMATICA has strictly checked the country of origin, cultivation,
and extraction process of the 100% Organic Golden Jojoba Oil, and received organic certification.

Unrefined Jojoba Oil has a Golden Color
with both the Color and Fragrance of Unadulterated Nature.

AROMATICA’s 100% Organic Golden Jojoba Oil is a pure oil that has not been refined
through any physical or chemical treatment process. Refined oils involve refining, purifying, deodorizing,
and decolorizing of the unrefined raw material, and naturally ends up using bleach and preservatives.
During this process, nutrients that botanical oils must contain such as chlorophyll, vitamin E, minerals and phospholipids, are lost.

Protect Your Skin
Replenish Your Skin with
Golden Energy.

Increase your skin’s health with a mild oil
that can be used any time.

On rough skin,
consistently dry skin,
skin that does not take well to makeup,
or skin that is affected by changes in the season

Experience skin strengthening with the golden energy
of the desert’s powerful tenacity.

The golden oil layer wraps around the skin,
immediately permeating right into the skin!

The golden jojoba oil has a slightly viscous texture with a natural, golden color. It is gently absorbed into the skin
without leaving any residue. The golden oil fills in between the crevices of cracked skin and helps improve the skin’s health.

100% Organic Golden Jojoba Oil

Year-Round Oil for the Whole Family

As skincare for weak skin
Jojoba oil can be used for protecting weak and sensitive areas of the skin, such as diaper areas on babies.
Essential item for vacation
Jojoba oil is good for using on days when the sun rays are strong. The undiluted jojoba solution can be used as an excellent sun tanning oil and will be perfect for your skin on your next summer vacation.
  • Product Name : Organic Golden Jojoba Oil
  • Volume/Weight : 30mL
  • Main Specifications : All skin types
  • Expiration : indicated separately on container
  • Directions : Take 1-2 drops on the palm using a dropper, and rub. Gently press onto the entire face using the friction from rubbing to allow for absorption. It is also possible to blend with lotion or cream that lacks oil.
  • Cosmetic Manufacturer : AROMATICA
  • Country of Origin : Korea
  • Ingredients : Jojoba Seed Oil(100%)
  • Food & Drug Administration evaluation according to the Cosmetic Act for functional cosmetics : N/A
  • Precautions : 1. If you experience abnormal symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling, or itchiness on the area of use, or if the area of use is exposed to direct sunlight, please consult with a dermatologist 2. Refrain from using on areas with scars or abrasions 3. Precautions for Storing & Handling A) Keep out of reach of children B) Store away from direct sunlight 4. Please conduct patch test (on inner side of forearm) before using.
  • Quality Assurance Standards : You may exchange or receive compensation for this product according to the Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards set by the Fair Trade Commission
  • Consumer support : 1600 – 3689



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