Sustainability Management Statement

We believe in a more responsible world and pledge to conduct sustainable business activities in producing and distributing products to preserve the environment with love and respect.
  • Conserve the use of energy, water and waste use by setting a limit
  • Share the results with all employees, business partners, and customers to raise awareness
  • Collaborate with suppliers, business partners, and customers to reduce environmental impact
  • Use sustainable containers and packaging by minimizing product labels to packaging boxes
  • Increase the use of biodegradable plastic to reduce waste and conserve raw materials
  • Use recyclable materials to reduce energy and maximize resource recycling
  • Support the UN Global Compact, a voluntary initiative based on company commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Energy Conservation
1) Electricity (Lighting)
  • Use energy efficient lighting options
  • Install light reflectors or light diffuser panels to increase lighting efficiency
  • Limit lighting to only working area rather than the entire facility
  • Use natural daylighting
  • Clean and fix light bulbs for intensity lighting
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and unplug unused electronics when leaving the facility
2) Air conditioning
  • Check and repair the air conditioning system at least twice a year
  • Change filters every two months to improve quality and performance
  • Set the air conditioner to auto setting for heating and cooling control
  • Keep unused rooms closed
3) Workplace
  • Use energy efficient printers and fax machines
  • Keep in energy saving mode to lower operating costs
  • Recycle and reuse paper
  • Reduce use of paper and switch to electronic documents
  • Keep office supplies (folders, binders, envelops) in one area for recycling
4) Commuting
  • Employees are encouraged to use public transportation
  • Company’s vehicles operate with low emissions
  • Commute with flexible schedule hours
Water Management
  • Establish a water management plan and share with employees
  • Regularly detect and fix leaks
  • Install water meters in large supply storages(pipes)
  • Monitor the water supply system
  • Maintain water pressure distribution system
Waste Reduction
1) General
  • Set goal of achieving zero waste from landfill and incinerators
  • Advance waste reduction and purchase eco-friendly products
  • Recycle cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, and metal
2) Toxic Substances
  • Reuse raw materials that do not generate harmful compounds
  • Reduce or replace disinfectants used in production process to more eco-friendly ingredients
  • Purchase sustainable furniture
  • Donate and recycle electronic devices
Sustainable Packaging
  • We use 100% recyclable packaging: glass, PP, PET plastic.
  • We aim to swap to only biodegradable and recyclable plastic in our entire products.
  • We strictly use FSC certified and 100% recyclable paper to prevent deforestation.
  • We promote refillable packaging and glass containers to reduce the use of virgin plastic.
  • We limit our dependency on raw materials in our packaging
Eco-friendly Smart Factory

AROMATICA takes pride in an energy-saving smart factory that reduces power consumption and increases energy recycling. Aims to reduce energy consumption by more than 90% by recollecting heat emitted from manufacturing process, leveraging on the difference in the temperature within the manufacturing plant to generate cooling water, and utilizing small format machineries for small batch productions.

Save Planet Campaign

To improve the marine ecosystem, AROMATICA strictly excludes oxybenzone, octinoxate, and silicone in sunscreens. We promote eco-friendly sunscreens to save the planet.

Sustainable Products

AROMATICA simply doesn't make disposal products for convenience. To reduce the use of plastic, AROMATICA extracted polylactic acid (PLA) from corn starch to make a toothbrush as durable as plastic. Instead, it is composable and contributes to environmental conservation. AROMATICA is furthermore launching refillable product containers to prevent daily disposals.

Sustainable Sourcing

* After extracting the essential oil, compost 100% of the herbs for recycling.

AROMATICA takes social and environmental impact into account when selecting distributors. AROMATICA’s essential oil supplier practice our mission to protect the environment.

Our partners recover 99.9% of their wastes and recycle more than 50% of the them. To conserve our resources, we devote on recycled paper or FSC certified paper. We invest more than 160,000 euros in France’s water quality management. It saves over 8% of energy per year. We try to minimize our adverse environmental impact even when selecting our supplies.


In order to develop a sustainable operation, we take responsibility to purchase ingredients from partners organically certified from thirty-six countries. AROMATICA offers technological support and training to producers and employees in our local farms and factories. We strive in every step of business operation to reduce environmental pollution.