The AROMATICA Clean & Sustainable Standard

AROMATICA is a holistic beauty and lifestyle brand, restoring true beauty through clean and vegan ingredients. Participating in EWG Safe Cosmetic Campaign in 2009, AROMATICA introduced EWG in South Korea. In 2011, AROMATICA was awarded with the title, and became Korea’s first EWG Verified Certified cosmetic brand. AROMATICA gained recognition from Vegan Society Partner, the world’s oldest and most prestigious vegetarian certification organization. In addition, AROMATICA was Ecocert Certified and standardized a field of natural and organic cosmetics.

As an expert and pioneer in clean beauty, AROMATICA is committed to using the safest and most authentic ingredients to protect the environment and reflect respect for life.

Synthetic Fragrances Triclosan Oxybenzone Formaldehyde & FRPs
Phthalates Retinol and Retinyl palmitate 1,4-Dixoane Octyl methoxycinnamate
Toluene Hydroquinone Lead and Heavy metals Aminobenzoic acid
Parabens Resorcinol Talc Benzalkonium chloride
MIT/CMIT Coal Tar Petrolatum, mineral oil and paraffin GMO
BHA & BHT Cocamidopropylbetaine Ethanolamines Nanoparticles
Sulfates surfactant Butoxyethanol Triclocarban Microbeads
PEG-surfactant Phenoxyethanol EDTA Gluten
Silicones Carbon black Lauramidopropyl betaine Animal Derived Ingredients

Sourcing of Natural Ingredients

  • Sourcing ingredients directly from the place of origin.
  • Sourcing raw materials directly from farmer.

We use only the best certified raw ingredients from trusted producers around the world.

Expert in Research & Development

  • Specialized in developing clean beauty formulas.
  • Expert in formulating clean beauty products.
  • Expert in developing clean beauty formulas.

Expert in formulating the safest, cleanest, and most effective beauty products based on natural and organic essential oils. Expert in developing natural products using the patented technology of the company’s research center.

We Are Our Own Manufacturer

With its own Ecocert and ISO-GMP (22716) certified organic cosmetic production facilities, Aromatica is able to have full control of every step of manufacturing. Aromatica produces Ecocert certified products at directly operated production facilities which have gained production equipment.

Holistic Extraction Method™

AROMATICA uses traditional herbal extraction methods to conduct extensive and delicate processes to bring out the pure benefits of nature. AROMATICA ensures that the active substances and natural benefits of plants and herbs are conserved in products with highest level of efficacy and safety.

Certified Clean Beauty

Partner of the Vegan Society

Aromatica is a registered Partner of the Vegan Society.
We use 100 % botanical-derived ingredients. We never use animal- derived ingredients and ingredients from endangered plants.

Ecocert Organic Certified

AROMATICA products have been certified Ecocert organic.
Ecocert certification enhances environmentally friend
and socially conscious practices. From analyzing needs to management in the sustainability development, Ecocert allows partners to meet the challenges.

EWG VERIFIED™ Certified (Nation’s First)

AROMATICA has acquired EWG Verified™ certification for 33 products.
EWG Verified™ scientists thoroughly examine and evaluate product ingredients under strict standards. All our ingredients have “green” scores with the lowest hazard.

EWG Safe Cosmetic Champion

AROMATICA was the first Korean brand selected as EWG Safe Cosmetic Champion. We registered all our ingredient on EWG Skin Deep Database and passed all required criteria to be selected as Safe cosmetic champion in 2011.