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Title Meet Mihwa, Our Aromatherapist
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  • Date 2019-12-19
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Name: Mihwa Kim

Position: Aromatherapist in Product Management

My Aromatherapist Journey

I initiated with the wish that everyone in the world should know the benefits of aromatherapy. I gave courses about the development of their wellness and found myself plunging into an exploration of the plants and their properties.


The principles that these herbs give to humans stimulated my curiosity. Aroma oil is full of life and energy, balancing our body and mind to harmonize a healthier way of life. Each essential oil is highly volatile, with unique scents and healing effects. Rose, jasmine, and geranium can be particularly powerful. The energy constantly vibrates due to reliable regeneration and healing ability. According to European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), it has a pharmaceutical effect.


The most vital element of aromatherapy is finding the right balance of a healthy body and mind. The use of our sense of smell raises the effects. Inhaling essential oil allows us to be more aware of our surroundings and connect with the world within and around us. It is a real challenge creating the blend that will satisfy everyone on the healing and supportive abilities.

My Favorite AROMATICA Products

All of them have aromatherapy effects, but I regularly find myself using the Massage & Body Oil. I use it in various ways: before and after exercising, after a long shower, and before going to bed. They all positively contribute to my lifestyle.


Your skin layers- epidermis and dermis-are very protective of what let pass into your body. Most creams and lotions do not make it past the first layer because their chemical components are too large. Essential oils, on the other hand, are made up of tiny molecules and can easily penetrate the layers of your skin and circulate within the bloodstream — the process which provides an aromatherapeutic property.

My Product Development Journey Energinger Hand Wash Ginger & Grapefruit 

The process of developing our new product Energinger Hand Wash Ginger and Grapefruit incited when it was time to restock my handsoap in my bathroom. That's when I realized I wanted an aromatherapy hand wash. I wanted something more than a sanitizer. So, I started studying about the human hand and how it relates to our health.


Have you ever noticed how your hands feel warmer when you clap your hands? That's because it increases blood circulation in your body.


I wanted a hand soap that will warm my hands and raise my body temperature. I wanted my body and mind to bond over the warm energy. That's how I picked Ginger Essential Oil. The stimulant and warming effect to uplift an emotionally cold and flat feeling. There's nothing more compelling than having a handwash to supply your energy and keep yourself "energingered" to support your daily routine.


My Current Beauty Routine

Skincare: Reviving Rose Infusion Treatment Toner 

Hair care: Quinoa Protein Shampoo

Body care: Energinger Hand Wash Ginger and Grapefruit



Nature is an infinitely beneficial asset for us. Our everyday activities, such as breathing, eating, drinking, and working, come within the Earth, and without it, we can't survive. I believe the environment is our source of life and the common property that brings us together. To be continually benefited in the future, we must give back to nature and protect it. Practicing in small contributions such as recycling, plastic reduction, swapping to mugs, and eco-friendly products is a way to give back to nature. I hope everyone in the world will join.


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